Decreasing the spread of The Corona Virus (COVID-19)

With the recent surge in The Corona Virus outbreak cases across the United States, I feel its only appropriate that I discuss what it is and how you can prevent it.

The Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease, there are several forms of COVID and not all react or effect the body the same. COVID-19 has a much greater effect on those obese, with compromised immune systems, & the elderly. COVID is a common precursor to the common cold, but in more sever cases results in pneumonia, SARS, or MERS.

Symptoms include Fever, Dry Cough, and Shortness of Breath, the later of which has been shown to be the most telling. Should you develop any of these or should you believe yourself possibly infected with the virus, call your doctor from home and request what to do next. Visiting a doctor or hospital preemptively could expose you or others unnecessarily, it’s better to be safe and follow the safest precautions possible. Keep in mind you may also show flu like symptoms, and it is recommended that you get a flu shot to mitigate some of those symptoms.

Do not sleep on this disease, taking preventative measures and steps will help prevent you from developing and spreading the disease. This will be a community effort until a vaccine can be developed, and it is all of our responsibility to do our part.

keep clean stay safe!

REDUCING FEVER: Eating low inflammatory foods, avoiding sugars & sweets, and anything containing High Fructose. A high inflammatory diet has the effect of weakening your immune system, avoid this to the best of your ability. Try adding things like garlic & turmeric curcumin to your diet, two seasonings known to reduce inflammation and boost the immune systems functions. Remember, if you do develop symptoms, Tylenol/ibuprofen can be used to reduce fever while you wait to hear from a doctor!


Keep Your Environment Clean! Stop giving the disease a fighting chance, use disinfectant once or twice a day on your entire house. Keep surfaces clean, using high strength alcohol based surface cleaner + degreeser (COVID-19 has a oily protective coating, degreaser should help break that down). Make sure you are washing your hands regularly, counting to a full 20 seconds and using antibacterial soap with a deep scrub! Washing linens regularly as contaminants can cling for sometime, as well as your work clothes don’t allow the virus to settle where you sleep or on things you use.

If you are a gym goer make sure you have flip flops for showering/sauna use, and remember to be courteous and clean up after you use a machine. Most if not all gyms should have sanitation stations, you should become acquainted with them and if your gym does not have one…. I’d find a new location.


Avoid Unnecessary Contact: If you think someone has or may have COVID-19 symptoms do your best to avoid them. If they are a co-worker, remind them kindly that the spread effects everyone and it may be best to go home. You should also avoid large events or densely populated areas, as pathogens are spread much easier on those locations.

Prepping before hand: If you are concerned about getting the disease, its okay to prep but dont be obnoxious. You dont need to plan or buy for more than a month, over buying leads to shortages that effect the community at large and people who actually need the supplies immediately, and the stores will restock.

If you are to prep grab extra food like meats, vegatables, and other healthy and essential foods. Eating right will help fight any infections while on quarantine. Consider buying an extra smaller pack of toilet paper (not 5x your normal expenditure for a month), a few rolls of extra paper towel, disinfectant, alcohol based surface spray/wipes. You may want to add a filtered fan to a few places in your home, decreasing any airborne pathogens already in the air. Leave masks for those already sick, buying excess again creates shortages. Due to over buying of these masks people with flu/COVID symptoms cant find or buy them, thus increasing the spread. Masks catch what comes out, not what goes in!

Walmart post corona virus reports in Schenectady, NY

***over buying increases costs, and decreases the availability for everyone! This increases the spread of disease!***


Finally be aware many countries, organization, and universities are already working on vaccines and testing methods, and are expected to have a working and effective vaccine in 12-18 months from now (3/11/20). 40 of the 50 states are prepared or are preparing to have testing methods available, and most people (85%) are expected to only experience mild symptoms/conditions.

most experts expect a vaccine soon!



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