3 Supplements Worth Adding to Your Diet

First and foremost, supplements are by their very definition a dietary support not a meal replacement for healthy dieting, and should be regarded as such. With that out of the way… during my training for races and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournaments, I’ve actively found 3 items in particular very helpful.

Protein Isolate
Protein isolate is the perfect post workout! Protein being an essential building block for muscle development, isolate offers low carbs and moderate fats (good for Keto & Atkins diets) which means protein will be the primary fuel and nutrient.


On average creatine receives more flak than any other supplement, so much so that some people out right refuse to use it, despite clear research proving both its benefits, and lack of proven harm to health. What creatine actually does is boost ATP, and through that lean muscle mass and strength! Creatine is also proven to boost energy and recovery.

note: Depending on your creatine you can add it to you coffee/protein/water.


Yes, another protein variant! Mainly known for its Skin, Hair, and Nail benefits, collagen also makes a great recovery drink. Collagen making up 25- 30% of the bodies overall protein count, making it extremely good for a quick recovery and taking care of general health.

note: I like to mix mine with supergreen, creatine, and unflavored collagen peptides for a shake.


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