Kane Mountain Fire Observation Tower

Kane mountain is a light hike located in Coroga Fulton County, the mountain is a 2.1 mile hike and an elevation gain of 616 ft.

The trail up is easy enough for most people, trails are well marked and easy to follow. We brought snow shoes due to the recent snow fall, I recommend doing the same or waiting for safer conditions if you are inclined to hike during the winter.


The station was originally built in 1925 with the first tower, the cabin was later built in 1960. It served as a home for rangers who stood observing for forest fires until the 1980’s.

Being inside the cabin was really incredible, but the only thing I could think of was how small the location actually was and how hard it must have been on a ranger living and staying there.


Be mindful climbing the tower, summer time will be safest due to slippery & snowy surfaces in the winter!


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