Improving Your Martial Arts

Endurance Conditioning

In Martial Arts your skills mean nothing if you teeter out in only a few minutes, which is why all Fighters/Martial Artists train to go the miles. Running has always been a house favorite, and a montage classic. I recommend alternating training and throwing in battle ropes or with a stair climber, these will not only challenge your endurance but arms, shoulders, and legs prospectively. It was said that in the past, young warriors of a native american tribe would run through death valley and have to fight one another at the end as a right of passage. To do so would be a fearful sight alone to see.


Drill & Spar

When Trying to perfect anything practice is key. Through repeated work, you put lessons into practice and much like learning an instrument, repetition is KEY. Drills can be done solo or with friends, it’s only important that you practice daily and consistently, improving your movements, flow, and speed.

Sparring or Randori as it’s called in some dojos/gyms, shouldn’t be done as frequent, as too much impact too often to the head or body can cause long term damage, and it should always be done in a safe and controlled setting.

Arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Sambo, & Wrestling practice in a way that allows them to roll/spar more often. Using limited or no strikes, they can train their arts with out sustaining too much damage. Technique is emphasized as is respecting the TAP, an essential relationship to successful training.

Stretching, Myfacial Release, & Mobility

It is proven that stretching is an effective part of maintaining general health, but it is also an important part of martial arts as well. Staying flexible & mobile is going to help you land more punches, increase speed, or help you maneuver that difficult technique.

Try doing some mobility drills in the mornings for a 30-minutes, and doing 30-minutes of stretching and foam rolling at night. Try hitting every muscle group for the most effective results!

-See Cross-Training With Yoga

Strength Training

Build your base, every house has to have a strong foundation! Your body should be no different! Along with your arts drills & mobility exercises, it’s important to start lifting whether its your own body weight or an external resistance (ex. Resistance bands, dumbbell/barbell Weights). Calisthenics are a boxers best friend. “They’re light on the joints”, a former boxing champion once told me.

-try the ThenX app for a full calisthenic program