Marble Mountain Via “white Face Summit Trail”

Marble Mountain is a 2700th mountain that connects to several trails leading to much larger mountains, we discovered this peak while on our way to whiteface mountain via the whiteface summit trail. if you take the same trail be aware the second of the half the trail is on a steep incline maybe 80% vert, but the first half will be a cake walk with mild inclines but nothing too serious.


Beginers may struggle a bit with the hike up marble mountain, especially those with asthma or any current injuries in the legs. be prepared to climb 2000ft in a .7 mile stretch of the mountain, pushing your physical and mental limitations.

once at the top of the pus you will hit a junction, from there its a simple right hook to a rock surface from which you can view keene valley and upper jay from, other views include Whiteface KOA, Hiccock Mt, Quaker Mt, pine Mt, winch Mt, Ebenezer Mt, Bassett Mt, and Hamlin Mt.


Be aware that while 2.2 miles seems easy, climbing verts is physically and mentally draining. Take your time climbing and enjoy the challenge & journey.

be advised that trekking poles, hiking sticks, ice spikes are recommended if you intend to traverse this trail.