What Are The Best Apps To Use For Running?

With all the technology becoming more prevalent in fitness everyday, running is no different and it can become overwhelming for the average beginner. There are probably hundreds of apps to use and try from around the world, but to make things simpler I’ve outlined two apps I feel are the most useful and leading the race for beginners and advanced runners alike. Both apps offer in-app purchases, but are free to use as intended! Neither require an external device besides your phone to operate, making them cheap and easy to acquire to the average person.

1. Strava

Strava is one of the most popular among athletes as it offers tracking for more than just running. Strava uses your phones built in GPS to track and record your miles, pace, and time. For those of us who are more social, they also offer a vast network of like minded and supportive runners in addition to challenges and training programs available.

2. Adidas Running App

The Adidas app functions similarly to Strava in how it functions, tracking miles, pace, and time using your phones GPS. However, in addition the app also speaks to you each mile telling you your time, average pace, and current pace, so you don’t have to shift focus during your training session. The app also includes training programs, and is capable of recording your shoes mileage like a car’s speedometer. The Adidas running app like many other Adidas products has wormed its way into my daily runs, becoming my preferred app.


I know this was short, but I like to keep things simple and straight forward. These apps are the two we at jmurrayathletics trust the most to keep on our phones. I recommend giving them both a shot and seeing which one is preferable to you and your needs as a runner. We hope you find similar success in using them, and make sure to let us know what you think by joining our growing social network of athletes on Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube!