Masonic INSPIRED Martial Arts Rash Guard By Fraternal Ties

What is a rash guard? A rash guard is usually an informal under garment which is skin-tight and come in either short or long sleeves. Tights or shorts are worn to protect you from rashes caused by the friction of training on the mats or in a big cloth gi. While less common, they can be worn in most martial arts, rather than a t-shirt.

The Masonic inspired rash guard is unique the the point this is the only one I know of from an actual Masonic brother!


In a beautiful blend of purple and black, the skull and cross bones is a sign of mortality, along side the working tools a square compasses, plum, and level. All of this put together much like a Mason would, each piece of symbolism lightly decorated throughout, and almost easy to miss when just viewing from a distance. This rash guard is perfect for brothers working on their craft in Martial Arts.

All Stitching is done to quality, and wraps snug but loose enough to breathe, something I feel most rash guards phone home on. Though I noticed the length of the sleeves and torso were long for my height and arm length, the extra length actually gave a little more comfort .


You can get yours now by clicking here at Fraternalties, be sure to also give their instagram page a follow for other Products & Masonic Content!