Everlast Hyperflex Bag

Im just going to say off the rip I love this product! The hyper flex bag is a reflex and striking building tool, the bag might as well be an upside down speed bag. Its slender built so you can easily store it away in a closet or a corner, its height can also be adjusted and is suited for an average height reaching about 5’5. the widest part and the most consuming to put together is the base, fillable with either sand or water (I used water). Make sure to fill the base completely or risk having to constantly pick it up.

Recently ive been using the bag to work one arm drills developing coordination from both my dominant and non dominant hands, the movement of the bag also forces the user to develop some movement around the bag or develop their parries. the best way to describe this bag is some where between a heavy bag & a speed bag.

Average price is like $60-120 depending on where you go to get your, if you have an in home boxing gym I highly recommend throwing the Everlast hyperreflex bag in to the mix!