Uncover the Ghostly Ruins of Amsterdam, New York: Exploring the Abandoned Power Station Along Chucatunda Creek Trail! Discover the Secrets Within!

The Chucatunda Creek Trail Power Station Section is a light .5 mile in and out hike, with a scenic walk of parts of the crumbling city of Amsterdam New York. The hike is part of a greater 8 mile loop, so if you so choose you can explore a decent amount of the city via this hike. Amsterdam, New York once thrived on its carpet industry before higher wages and lower cost elsewhere drove the industry to leave. Now many buildings, including those that once powered many other buildings, sit vacant for people to discover. This one station closed in the 1960 after it initially opened in the early 1920’s, it now sits empty alongside the Chucatunda Creek Trail for the public to discover while on this short hike.

There are two areas worth peaking into. The main room entered from the side where a fence had been peeled back prior to my arrival. Looking around there are still many barrels and pipes about. Be careful as some spots have holes forming in the floor a testament to the age of the building.

On the second floor are more machines and giant tanks, with a control panel over looking them. This room is lit up by what was once glass windows in all directions, but now sits weathered by time.

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Located along the stream the entrance is marked.

Other Resource for this Trail include:
Plans to evaluate and restore the property (2017)
Trail gets completed

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