Woodlawn Nature Preserve, A Gem Hidden Beyond the Pines

Woodlawn preserve is a gem hidden in Schenectady New York, a small city located in the capital district. The Woodlawn preserve is a little known treasure, nestled in the Woodlawn neighborhood near Colonie & Rotterdam. The preserve boasts 3 trails, all easy, quiet, spacious, and peaceful! You can find the main entrance located on Gifford Street off of Mcdonald Ave. It’s only 3 blocks in if your coming from the Old Kings high way (Kings Road). Entering here will offer two trails to enter from, going left takes you right into the more wooded sections, and the right bringing you to the observation dock and a beautiful view of the Pond. Both trails connect back at Gifford Street.


The Woodlawn Preserve features a large spacious area with mild hills, sand dunes, thick woods, and a sizable pond. The trails here are even great for mountain biking, dirt biking, or an easy day hike! The area is often light on fishers too, making this a prime spot for anyone looking to catch some fish.

The preserve was founded in in 1969 with 135 acres as part of “forever wild” and is thus protected from outside buyers. The location is home to the headwaters of Lisha kill, and gives home to a variety of rare plants.


You may also consider checking out the Albany Pine Bush, as Woodlawn is considered part of the greater pine barren – wetlands complex of the area.

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