Diamond MMA Cup, The best Protection Available for your Valuables

Many of you have probably heard about diamondMMA from various ads, or seen the video of Ryan Gordon and various other Martial Artist doing incredible ball breaking stunts and coming out fine.

Compression Jock Starter Bundle

DiamondMMA offers several bundles/deals to get started , I went with their “Compression Jock Starter Pack”. The bundle comes with a DiamondMMA athletic fit shirt, compression shorts with cup sleeve & support, and the Diamond Cup. Upon putting the shorts and cup on I noticed immediately the difference in how it felt compared to your basic strap or shorts and cup. Prior, I was using using Shockdoctor (another good brand) and a basic cup. I was always having to adjust myself, but with Diamond Cup it fits perfect and snug, protecting all your valuables! Making it perfect for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, and much more!

Diamond Cup Shirt

Prices on Bundles Vary from $50 – 200 depending on what you need or want, and the cup on its own starts at only $30 and comes highly recommended by professionals and yours truly alike! Click Here to get yours!