Fighting Like In The Movies

WOW is the only real way to start this article, a martial art that applies action sports to martial arts. This art might not be your first pick if your training for a fight, but for the common person this art is right up your alley. Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, challenge yourself or just looking to get more active. Fight like your favorite action hero with “Freestyle Martial Arts”, based out of Baltimore Maryland in the United States, Patrick McKay is an accomplished martial artist and ready to bring you this amazing new talent. His lifetime passion for martial arts and extreme sports has accumulated in to this epic new movement, growing strong and moving toward the mainstream.


What makes this truly amazing is the fact that he has only scratched the surface of his plans for this art, to where it will go? Only his Hard work and dedication will show. With the epic stunts you will be able to pull off from his training though, i imagine it won’t be long before everyone knows of this Freestyle Martial Arts.


Deriving His teachings from practices and hobbies growing up, he’s found some unusual influences such as motor cross and skateboarding. Starting at the mere age of 5 Patrick started practicing Tae Kwon Do, a Korean Martial art that incorporates a lot of unique kicks to its practices and application. Patrick competed in Tae Kwon Do and even achieved his black belt, but his passion for development wouldn’t let him end there. What makes this art unique to even Tae Kwon Do is the fact that it incorporates new elements of flipping, jumping, and hurdling to create something so cool the only other place you will see it is in a Jason Borne movie.


An excerpt from his own writings explains perfectly just what this art is:

“My name is Patrick McKay. I’m a professional Martial Arts athlete from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Ever since I was a child, I’ve had dreams of revolutionizing this sport. Growing up, my fascination and involvement with action sports fueled my need for that adrenaline-rush and creative expression. It wasn’t long before I started incorporating influences from action sports to re-shape my own Martial Arts training. I always knew that bringing this type of excitement and energy to the world of Martial Arts would forever change the way in which it is perceived and experienced, vastly increasing its audience and popularity. Using the skill sets I’ve gained by competing at the highest level of the sport, I’ve set out to build an entirely new segment which bridges the Martial Arts and extreme sports communities; Freestyle Martial Arts. The Freestyle Martial Arts movement is quickly gaining ground as a “next-gen” action sports platform”

Now if you love how this sounds like we did here at Jmurrayathletics, I highly recommend you check out Pat’s Page on facebook shoot him a like, and hopefully you will be learning some new moves shortly!