“Unbelievable: Take a Sneak Peek into the Thrilling Joe K 10k Race in Central Park!”

NYRR Main Building

To start the new year right this year I decided to start the New York Road Runners 9+1 all over again, starting with the Joe K 10k, a 9+1 qualifier and the first official race of the NYRR calendar.

Race map and info

The Joe K 10k takes place in Central Park and starts in the north east section of the park above 100th st. The race runs the length of the park using the interior main roads. The course features Harlem Hill, the reservoir, the baseball fields, and much more.


This year the race featured 4,510 runners, with the first place finishers time of 33.49 by max Jeffe. Runners had to brave the frigid temperatures of 22 degrees, which over all wasn’t too bad considering previous years which have included a blizzard.

Episode 1 of the 9+1 Vlog series

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