C4 Ripped Sport Pre-Workout Review


C4 has made a decent name for themselves in recent years, and finding it has become as easy as going to your local general store. But does this pre-workout give you everything you need to have a successful lift?

At its root or beginning of the “supplement fact sheet”, you will find low calories, carbs, and fats, as well as a strong list of electrolytes such as B6, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium. However, their Daily Value (DV’s) is less than 4% on each making their usefulness limited.


Next we look at the body of the supplement facts, where you will find “C4 ripped performance blend”. Now I don’t want to break down this too much because I’m not a nutritionist but I want to still provide you with something, so included are links to the research on both Beta- alanine and CLA.

Finally, at the bottom we look at the C4 sports energy blend, nothing here really stood out to me as an exceptional energy booster. Most listed chemicals were standard among other pre-workouts. You will find Taurine to help support nervous system growth and relax the nervous system. Caffeine Anhydrous, the energy drug. Pyridoxal – 5 – Phosphate the active form of B6, a cofactor involved in the stabilization of carbanions and a stronger source of energy than its inactive cousin “B6”. Last, Methylcobamin, a highly bio available form of b12 which is absorbed easily through the body to help support the brain, nervous system, and production of blood cells.

One Minute Product Review

Overall C4 ripped sports pre workout is lacking in some key areas, mainly with the electrolyte count which could have had higher DV’s and a more fleshed out package with less of a focus on B vitamins. Also missing were any BCAA/EAA’s essential for building muscle and maintaining energy through a workout. Flavor was on point, with one of the best tastes I’ve had in a minute. For a supplement priced around $20 at most stores, you’re at least getting your moneys worth. I would probably recommend this pre-workout primarily to beginners and intermediates.

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