Running the “schenectady stockadeathon 15k”

This year was my 4th year running the Stockadeathon, the race being one of the largest in my home city of Schenectady, NY. The race pulls in on average 1400 runners from around the area each year, and is sponsored by the CDYMCA and MVP insurance.

The race is extremely hilly, starting on a downhill straight into downtown, cutting through the Stockade, and working its way back uphill until after the 6 mile mark in Central Park. After that, the race begins going back downhill until you reach the starting hill. This race takes you past many of Schenectady’s famous land marks, including the native “Lawrence the Indian” in the stockade, Union College, Central Park, and Vale Cemetery. The Stockadeathon gave out $7850 in award money for the year 2019, with divisions in mens, womens, masters, usatf, and team.

Race course map

The race itself at most will cost you $45, and downtown Schenectady has plenty of lodging locations for any traveling runners. On average the race is typically on the colder side, so I recommend planning accordingly. Overall, this is one of my favorite races, and I always plan to include it annually!


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