Starting your New Years Fitness Journey

As another new year rolls around and a new decade starts, many of us are planning our New Years resolutions. As the new year starts, it represents a new “us” in ways. It is here where many fitness and health freaks on Instagram find their humble beginnings, and it is here where you may soon start your journey as well!

Before embarking on this quest for fitness, keep in mind it’s going to require consistency, dedication, and a learned mind. Keep in mind plateauing is natural, and can be overcome. People in the gym will often be more than happy to help, you just need to ask! Finally, stay positive and consistent even when you don’t feel motivated! If you set a goal, hold yourself accountable to that goal. Achievement is the greatest source of happiness and intrinsic value, and the rewards from the work are worth just as much. I like to workout like I shower, doing something everyday even if its very light.

Keep in mind when choosing a gym, not all are the same. Many gyms are program specific, and others may be open, but with a specific purpose. I’ve broken them down in a way I believe is easier to explain to a newbie trying to find a gym.


Program Oriented Gyms: These gyms include most martial arts Dojos, yoga studios, and Crossfit gyms. You will most likely pay a base rate for a number of classes. These are great if you plan on sticking to one area, or are looking to improve a specific area in your fitness. However these gyms close after class, and only reopen for the program!

Basic Gyms (YMCA, Crunch Fitness, Best Fitness): These are gyms with a lot of machines, dumbbells, and squat racks, most the necessary equipment for building muscle and performance. You will have access to personal trainers, classes, and an entire floor of equipment to use at your discretion. Typically these gyms are membership based and rates are fairly reasonable.

JoshRichbjj on YT, His second in house tournament he hosted at 10pnyc!

Open Specific Gyms: These gyms are the ones that focus on a specific area, think like boxing gyms. Some martial arts Dojos, some Crossfit locations, jump parks, parkour gyms, gymnastics gyms, and UFC gyms. These locations will often offer equipment specifically for training that is regularly done there. These are great if you want to train a lot and focus on a set skill in fitness.

Cheap gyms: The last one most certainly is least. These are low budget or dirty gyms. They will probably cost you 10 dollars a month, with some shifty side fees. Think Planet Fitness where there’s not a squat rack around, clientele tends to be rude, and equipment and facilities unkempt.

Bellow are a few locations in the capital district which I highly suggest you check out!

Atlas Jiu Jitsu the best Jiu Jitsu academy in the area, with three locations: Albany, Hudson, and Glens Falls. Atlas offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Yoga, personal training and kickboxing, and a set of killer coaches with Edward Anthony at the head.

Ring of Hope Boxing is a small city gym that has had been helping kids in Schenectady for over the last decade. The gym offers both adult and kids classes. Two boxing rings, heavy bags, lifting equipment and a line up of skilled coaches!

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