5 Gym Essentials everyone should have!

A quick list of 5 essentials every gym goer should have! I’ve come up with these through my own observations and experience having worked at and in a gym for the last half decade.

1. A blender bottle or A Water Bottle

Insulated Water/tea/coffee bottle by breakpointfc.com

While it seems kind of obvious, having a good bottle can be really handy. I personally keep a 32oz. water bottle and blender bottle in my gym bag. A measured water bottle is great if you plan on recording how much water you intake, and a blender bottle is perfect for mixing your protein and avoiding drinking chunks.

2. Gym Bag

Another really obvious one, but don’t be the guy who brings his stuff in a grocery bag, get yourself something reliable that you can keep ready to go every day. Keeping a bag prepped and ready the night before has helped me in building a daily gym routine, and helped me from forgetting needed personal equipment at home.


3. Shower Bag

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I like to clean off right after using the gym/sauna. I always keep a shower bag in my gym bag. Within it, I keep nail clippers, a comb, soap, shampoo, moisturizer, flip flops & other bathing essentials.


4. Gripping Material

Your probably wondering what I mean by this, so let me clarify. It often helps to use some kind of material be it chalk, tape, or gloves while lifting, These materials make it easier for a person to hang or pull where their grip might not be strong enough.

5. GYM Shoes

These are important, kind of like not wearing jeans to the gym…. The type of shoe recommended will vary by what your focus is. If you’re more inclined to cardio, stick with your standard sneaker or running shoe. If you’re more lifting focused, I highly recommend converse for their flat base, and high tops for that extra ankle support.


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