Schenectady Skate Park, in the works?

So as some may already know Jmurraythletics recently covered a S K A T E event at riverside park in Schenectady new York, the event was hosted by town & country skate from Scotia NY.

Skate Event Video

Recently while down at the park it had become apparent to me a new sign had been placed on the city property, stating no trespassing by authority of the Schenectady police.

Pre dialog with mayor

Now upon initially seeing this, I was extremely upset as city property isnt something where you can just trespass people from. No there has to be very good reason, so I followed up and did some digging.


Upon my initial call to the mayor’s office they weren’t sure how or why the sign was put up, but I was lucky enough to run into the mayor himself at lunch. Fortunately he was willing to answer any of my questions, and as it turns out he authorized the sign.

Now before you get angry, I asked well “skaters don’t have a place to go then, and with the ordinance that’s not really fair”. But he had explained there are a few ideas in the works, which gave me a breath of relief knowing that the park is more likely to be move than, permanently stopped.


Some of the ideas thrown around included near the sccc mohawk hudson bike trail & central park, and personally I like the idea of having it near the trail we’re skaters can enjoy the river and view. I don’t like the idea of throwing them at a park known for its crime rates, and bad roads… Not a place where kids should be learning to skate.

If anything else develops I will follow up!