GYM Etiquette

Why is this important? Because for some reason, some people have no concept on how to share public space.

We get a lot of people in the gym, from all walks of life. The lifetime jock, the weight watcher, older retired folks, combat athletes, bodybuilders, and your casuals.

All these people have something in common though, none of them want to deal with your shit.

4 Simple rules to follow anytime you are in the gym!

  1. Be mindful of those around you!
    The gym is not your home, you do not own the equipment nor the space. Make sure people are done using equipment before taking over, and don’t be that guy who comes in demanding someone else gets out of the rack!
  2. Clean up after your self!
    No one wants to workout on your sweat . Most, if not all gyms should have a sanitation spray available on the floor. Use it to wipe any and all equipment you use!
  3. Be kind to staff!
    Don’t be a jackass by cutting line at the front desk or shoving your membership card in the desk workers face while they are already occupied. It also doesn’t help if you’re consistently complaining about small things, or starting issues with other members. No one wants to deal with that, and it makes people less hospitable and incline to help you.
  4. You are not a trainer! Fucken Casual!
    This one bugs me the most as a former trainer/wellness Coach. If you you are not certified or have never taken a Coaching/training course, just stop. I’ve seen so many casuals try to train people, when they themselves have relied on faulty training methods and practices for years. They will pick up unsuspecting members, most of the time overweight or under-active folks. These people can potentially cause harm or long term injuries to you!

And these are my 4 most important rules for gym etiquette.