Is Tate Actually Guilty?

Opinion Article.

In recent months Tate has become a household name for his arrest. While talking about such things and individuals may seem a bit odd for our fitness and sports website, Tate has a fighting career and has gained a lot of influence in recent years for his TikTok videos. Many people are calling him a hero for young men, and someone to aspire to be like.


But who is Tate really? Tate got his start in kickboxing at 15 years old and came out with a grand total of 17k approximately. Two sources claim he had a total of 78 fights with 23 knockouts. While that maybe true, some professionals have pointed out his fights might not be all their made out to be, as the caliber and skill is below what Tate would claim. But Tate never really cared about being a good fighter, he cared about money. Which is all he ever talks about, how rich he is, what he has, etc.


Tate has criticized everything from governments, education, his critics, and even tried flaunting his cash at a child only to get a spanking in return.

In Tates Hustlers University he immediately asserts no one has ever made it rich on a university education, and that only his knowledge will help people become rich. Something we have all heard before from so many con artists before him. He also promises to teach men to be men and not pussies. Tate exclaims in a classic abusive trope, you can’t trust anyone else, every one else is just lying to you. He then takes the positivity and reading advice given by people like Gary Vee out of context, calling it bullshit but with zero explanation.

Without giving all his trade secrets away, Tate’s first advice is to set up a Ponzi scheme as he describes how him and another individual Dan did this after leaving a marketing firm to open their own. He tells the viewers how low risk it is, and how he’s started all his businesses this way.

Tate also describes several methods to manipulate people, extort them, and even gain financially through those means. In one case even explaining how to pocket your employees money via tax fraud.

Hustlers university, the words from the horses mouth.

Tate really stands out with his unethical statements on masculinity. Tate claims there’s an attack on men, and in some way I too believe that to be true. However, I can’t say that I agree threatening women with swords, making fun of the disabled, or dropping people for their eating habits are what I would call the “pinnacle of masculinity”. To quote Greta Thunberg “Small Dick Energy”. The answer to the attack on masculinity is not to show a negative image, it’s to lead through example.


Take care of the women in your life, be a warrior in a garden, and lead through example of positivity, appreciate those around you. Build people up, and be a pillar of strength others can lean on. Being respected through abuse, manipulation, or fear is a sign of a weak and lonely man.


Is Tate guilty of the accusations in Romania? Maybe not, however, he is guilty of being a weak man. Spreading toxicity through manipulation, and encouraging abuse of women. He’s guilty of manipulating a vulnerable generation of young men in need of masculine role models, and taking advantage of their desire to better themselves. He’s guilty of taking advantage of people who trust him.

To those that will defend him, you can make whatever excuse you like for Tates comments. You can say it’s out of context, he was joking, or he has a few decent points. No, save yourself the embarrassment and stop.

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