Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul, Paul’s first REAL WBC boxing match!

“Was cool, I love the sport for this reason right, you can be enemies beforehand and saying all this crazy stuff. and then when you beat the blood out of each other, at the end of the day there’s just respect there and that’s why this Sport’s so cool”

Jake Paul

For the first time ever, American influencer Jake Paul has willingly stepped into the ring with an actual boxer. The event was set for February 26, 2023, in Saudi Arabia. Jake’s opponent, Tommy Fury (9-0 W/ 4 KO), the younger brother of famous British Boxer Tyson Fury. The fight was set at cruiserweight for eight, three minute rounds.

The Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury Fight ended with a split decision of (74-75,76-73,76-73), resulting in a WBC win for Tommy Fury.

Live Scoring per round

The fight which was built up on the tension between the two was seen by many as a stepping stone for Tommy Fury in the world of professional boxing. With the victory, Tommy Fury is now the face of the cruiserweight division and will now join other British cruiserweight contenders in their pursuit of glory in the boxing ring.


The bout was streamed live on ESPN and was largely considered to be a success, with the final result being a hotly contested one. The fight showed Tommy Fury’s strength, skill and dominance and Jake Paul’s never-say-die attitude and pure grit.

No matter the result, this fight will be remembered in the annals of boxing history. The future of the cruiserweight division looks brighter than ever with so much talent and star-power.

Is Jake Paul a Professional Boxer?


According to Tommy & Tyson Fury’s Father/Coach, Jake Paul has earned the title of professional boxer. He showed immense skill while fighting Fury.

Paul has been given a lot of criticism from boxing purists, but the truth of the matter is that he’s working incredibly hard to be successful in the fight game. The only way he can really prove himself is by stepping into the ring with a more experienced and professional boxer. It’s been amazing to see how far he’s come and how prepared he was for this fight with Tommy Fury.

The Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul fight will be a defining moment in Paul’s career, whichever direction it goes from here.


If you missed the fight but wanna catch up quick, you can check out our reaction to the highlights provided by espn down below!

Jake Paul Post Fight Interview
Tommy Fury Post Fight Interview

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