Top 10 ARTICLEs from Jmurrayathletics for 2020

“jmurrayathletics has been hard at work this year, putting in the time and work to produce new and exciting articles every week. articles cover every topic from Hiking, Martial Arts, Races, and much more for you to achieve more!”

Here are the top 10 articles from 2020!

#1 Woodlawn Nature Preserve, a Gem Hidden Behind the Pines

This article was favored most by people visiting the site, and a personal favorite for myself and others in the Rotterdam Schenectady Area.
Views: 500+


#2 Christmans Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled in the woods of Delanson, NY this hike is isolated from most the neighboring cities, offering a unique trail experience with a 30 foot waterfall & a memorial trail to explore!
Views: 325


#3 Chimney Bluffs State Park, a New York State Hidden Gem

This park is a bit out of the way, and about 30-45 minutes from Rochester, NY. The unique landscapes can only be found in select parts of the world, one of which happens to be in western New York!
Views: 225


#4 Train like Goku with this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi!

Check out this article for a review on Modern Flow Brands Saiyin-do GI, and find out how to get your own so you can start training like Goku!
Views: 250


#5 The Great Flats Nature Trail

Another amazing trail out of the Schenectady-Rotterdam area, this trail is less than 2 miles long and features bridges and short dirt trails that take you through a small marsh. This spot is great for morning walks!
Views: 230


#6 Three Supplements Worth Adding to your Diet

In this article we take a look at essential supplements for developing your athletic abilities!
Views: 200


#7 History, Training, and Kata of “Japanese Jiu Jitsu” by Darrell Max Craig

Take a look at traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu in this book written by Darrel Max Craig, the book outlines techniques cleaning training, & philosophy!
Views: 190


#8 Abandoned Ruins of the Cornish Estate

This is one of my favorite spots, abandoned in the 1960’s this spot has been turned into an epic & amazing trail, less than a mile long and great for beginners & families!
Views: 170


#9 Adidas Solar Boost Review

The Adidas Solar Boost are one of the best & most comfortable running shoes available, you can see the full review here!
Views: 120


#10 peebles Island State Park

Roughly a 4 mile hike around this historic island, once the spot of the American revolution and later part of the bustling industrial revolution, this island is now public for all to enjoy!
Views: 120


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