Am I being Overcharged at my Gym or Dojo?

While on Reddit and Facebook groups I’ve noticed a few people asking about being overcharged at their gyms so I wanted to address and shed some light on the subject and some things for you to consider before joining a gym or Dojo.

What is an honest price? Well there is no easy answer, because depending where you live and the average cost of living prices, this can vary a lot. There are however several things for you to consider about the gym you’re signing up for. Depending what you’re looking to get out of your experience will change which is most important.

Is the team competitive and do they offer structured training? Structure and discipline can help build the least talented athlete to the top athlete in no time which is why the structure is so important. Another question to ask on the same note, how well are they doing in competition and are the coaches there to support you or just collect the money from you at the gym?

How many students regularly show up? I used to train at a gym that only had 3-5 students in a class at most, and the gym had been there for a couple decades. So I realized something had to be up. Turns out others left for the same reason I did. Lack of structure and support from the coaches.

A big one is how many classes are you getting per week? Most BJJ schools offer unlimited classes like a real gym, but rates can be perceived as steep. Its important to keep in mind that it takes a black belt of Jiu Jitsu almost 10 years to develop their skills, 2 years more than a doctor or a lawyer.

If you feel something is off with your school, trust your guts but don’t give up. Bounce around and build yourself up, use this as an opportunity to grow and discover more of what you want out of your gym and martial arts development. It’s important that you find a place that makes you happy, but doesn’t break the bank!

The Average Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym charges $100-200 a month with unlimited classes, and the average boxing gym can range $40-150 per month with unlimited classes/gym time.