Discover New York City’s Most Luxurious and Exclusive Hotel Experience! Journey Inside the Opulent Suites, Indulge in World-Class Dining, and Unveil it’s luxury!

Located in Manhattan, New York City, this spot was one of the more expensive places we’ve stayed for the 2022 season. The hotel had a very posh look and feel about it, with an elevator man, door men, black escalades outside, and secret service coming and going at all hours.

Inside the room was no different, minus all the people. The room included a full bar which featured ‘Saratoga water’. The room also had a dining table, balcony, jacuzzi tub, and waterfall shower with back n’ ball blasters.


The hotel also features plenty of services, two different restaurants, plus a rooftop bar in the building. Sadly we weren’t able to use the rooftop due to a private party that reserved the location, however, the restaurant located near the gigantic fish tank on the first floor was open! This restaurant was located just off the main floor near the gigantic fish tank, and the steak house was located on the other side near check-in.


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