Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Review

Body Fortress is a company commonly found at Walmart, CVS, and other general stores across the united states. Their whey blend is NSF Certified, which means they have had their products tested for 280 banned substances, the contents within actually matches the label, & products are manufactured in GMP registered facility + Audited twice annually.

Learn more about NSF HERE.


The overall ingredient profile is well put together, low on carbs (8g>) & fat (4g>), high on protein (30g<). Creatine mono-hydrate (1.5g) for ATP, L- Glutamine for recovery, And a light blend of electrolytes Sodium, Potassium, & calcium. Whey is the only source of protein within this blend, and has 18 different base chain amino acids thrown in for muscle growth & recovery.


This blend is good for those on a budget, beginners, athletes, maintaining muscle, & developing muscle.

Cookies + Cream8/10
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