Ninja Ups Whey and Collagen protein Blend Review

What is Ninja ups?

What’s up with Ninja Ups? A fairly new company on the scene, with a bunch of unique products. Ninja Ups does you the consumer the favor of combining useful supplements in to singular products. In this weeks review we look at their protein collagen blend!


Are Ninja Ups any good?

This blend stood out to me, as someone who regularly uses whey and collagen in their daily regiment. Whey being an essential protein for muscle development and growth, and collagen making up the back bone of skin hair connective tissue and so much more in the body. The benefits of having both in one are invaluable.

Consisting of 30g of whey, 11g of bovine collagen, with complete essential amino profiles makes this supplement a must add to your training. With 10g more of whey protein than the average supplement, it’s going to be extremely helpful in building muscle and boosting recovery after a long day of training at the gym. The last thing to note has been the digestive enzymes similar to probiotics that has been thrown in for good measure. These enzymes are in there to help digestion of the blend, ensuring protein synthesis.


The price isn’t bank breaking either, at $44.99 it’s only slightly higher than average price. Do consider everything that has been thrown in here though, as it may be harder to find something in this combo and more expensive to combine them from two separate supplements.

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