Is the Thenx App any good?

What is thenx? thenx or Calisthenics Online is a youtube channel/website by chris hera a fitness influencer, with a variety of videos for free on his channel. while i was watching some of his videos i had noticed him mention the app several times, so after checking it out and using it for a bit this is what i came up with!

The app costs roughly $10 a month, with 5 program options and several technique tutorials. Allowing you to pick from body weight, weighted, & mixed workouts. Each program also has a beginner, intermediate, and expert level to help users, so no matter your skill level you’ll be able to hop and and just start. tutorial videos are also available to begin progressing, some techniques are more about just knowing your placement and having the guide will be a big advantage.

after each workout you can log it in the app, where it will be shared on the thenx social media section of the app, where you can engage with the online community that also uses the app. The social aspect here is very similar to strava’s community & app.

The on thing I found upsetting about all this was that while checking the app before writing this i had found my account deleted, now I say deleted because neither my log ins nor my forgot password would work. so do beware of that.

Overall the rate isn’t ridiculous, and your getting a fair shake for your dollar. if your someone who prefers to workout alone, this app can guide you to doing advanced workouts in a matter of months. I did have one issue around the time of writing this article, after not using my account for about a year it was deleted or something, because I couldn’t access it or retrieve a password via email.