Christmas Gift Ideas for Runners!

Picking gifts for friends an family can be tough, especially when you don’t run yourself! Here we have provided some ideas with context and links so you can find the best gift this year for that special person in your life.

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Give the Gift of Aqua!

Every runner needs some form of water bottle, many don’t run with theirs but some do! Getting them a nice camel back, belt carrier, or hand carrier can be a nice little accessory. If you opt for a belt, look at some of the options with a pocket as it can substitute out an arm strap. Camels are better for a longer distance runner, and the hand held is good for all categories. Keep your friends and family hydrated!

Keep them Comfortable!

Running shorts are essential unless you plan on streaking which we don’t recommend. A set of compression underwear and pair of perfect cut shorts can bring a run to the next level with comfort! We here prefer Adidas shorts!

Make Sure your Friends and Loved Ones are Seen!

Running Reflectors: Something I was made aware of recently when I started driving was the low visibility of pedestrians. Increase the visibility with the right options. You should always have a yellow/silver striped vest if you are running before sun break or after sun down, and may want to consider flashers to increase noticeably. Keep your friends and family safe by getting them a vest or flasher this holiday season.


Light Weight Running Coat Keep your friends and family from the shivers. A light-weight jacket is fairly inexpensive, but can be the perfect gift as it can be used anytime given a little rain or wind. Adidas makes comfortable jackets with hoodies that come recommended by JMA!

We’re Going for Speed!

Running Shoes: there are so many shoe options, and personally I love the Adidas Boost options. The boost was the shoe I used in my first 9+1 in 2017 and it’s the shoe I continue to use today well into 2023!

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