Jake Paul Accepts MMA Fight with Nate Diaz

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In an unexpected turn of events, YouTube sensation turned professional boxer, Jake Paul, has officially accepted an MMA fight against Nate Diaz. This exciting announcement comes from Paul’s promotional company, Most Valuable Promotions (MVP), who tweeted the news on Monday.


For those not familiar with their previous encounter, Paul and Diaz faced off in a highly anticipated boxing match back in August. The younger Paul brother emerged victorious, impressively knocking down and outpointing the UFC legend. However, their paths seemed to diverge afterward, with Paul planning his next boxing match for December but ruling out Diaz as his opponent.

Fortunately, MVP has opened the door to a potential rematch between the two fighters, but this time inside the octagon. The Professional Fighters League (PFL) has extended an offer for Diaz and Paul to clash in mixed martial arts combat within the SmartCage. Surprisingly, Paul wasted no time in accepting the offer, confirming his enthusiasm for stepping into the MMA world.

While it’s an intriguing proposition, it’s worth noting that Paul recently signed with the PFL, a rival promotion to the UFC, in pursuit of new challenges. Although the YouTuber-turned-boxer has yet to make his MMA debut, he has been vocal about his desire to face Diaz inside the cage.

Diaz, a seasoned MMA veteran, seems equally eager for this crossover bout. Ever the confident competitor, Diaz recognizes the differences between boxing and MMA, challenging the notion that MMA fighters are out of their depth when it comes to boxing. He emphasizes his extensive background in boxing and asserts that Paul should not underestimate his striking abilities.


It’s clear that both fighters have a lot at stake in this potential rematch. For Paul, it could be an opportunity to prove that his success in the boxing ring translates seamlessly to the realm of MMA. Meanwhile, Diaz aims to demonstrate that MMA fighters possess the skills and tenacity to excel in any combat sport.

As the details of this match-up are yet to be finalized, fight enthusiasts eagerly await further developments. Will the Jake Paul-Nate Diaz rematch become a reality? Only time will tell. Until then, we can anticipate intense training camps and a clash between two formidable competitors.


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