The Ultimate Guide to Affordable High-Tech Sports Gear – Get Fit with Google and Fitbit!

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Winners only use the best.

Expensive Equipment for Cheap

Whether your an experienced athlete or a fresh newbie, everyone always wants to latest and best tech for whatever sport they’re doing. Staying up with all the new tech can be quite expensive, but now thanks to the Fitbit merger with Google and their new “Google-Fi” phone service, you can get payment plans for whatever your looking for! No credit cards needed!


Get Accessories!

Get everything you need for your next event. Plug in with the Pixel Pro headphones and listen to a motivational monologue before the big event.

Or, check your heartrate and monitor your overall health with the newest and latest watch, be it Fitbit or something classy from the Google Pixel series. Google offers at least 5 watches for athletics and the more classy affairs.


Pay on a Budget

Most items are offered on a 1-2 year payment plan, set under $20 per month in most cases. The only prerequisite is a credit check, and having a small amount available for extra spending. This is also great for anyone looking to develop credit, as these small financed plans are often approved and cost very little to pay back!

The Power of ONE ACCOUNT!

Wanna workout? Google Fit and Google Home can help you stay on schedule, from recommending smarter eating to offering exercise tips—you can work out from the comfort of your own home!
Don’t forget about Google Music and calming soundscapes to keep you relaxed post-workout. Ready to go the extra mile? Step up to the next level with Google Street View, explore new routes, and find out what’s in your area. Finally, you can store it all with Google Photos, stay organized and share your progress with friends!
It’s never been easier to stay fit with Google; get fit with the power of Google today!


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