Product Review: BreakpointFC bamboo water bottle

Bamboo Water Bottle from BreakpointFC

Possibly the best water bottle/ mug I’ve ever owned! A versatile 16oz. bottle fitted with a stainless steel interior and bamboo exterior, perfectly double insulated. This bottle will keep your tea or coffee hot all morning, or if you’re just a water drinker you can expect a cold water all day. The leaf steeping cage is my favorite part though. As a tea drinker, this has been a blessing. The bottle also conveniently fits in most bottle holders on bikes!

80’s Raleigh Road Bike W/ Bamboo Bottle

The bottle only cost $27.95, but for the quality, it is well priced. I give the bottle a 5 out of 5 review, and highly recommend it for any highly active person.