High Quality leather Striking Gear By Ckfightlife

If your looking for new BJJ or Striking Equipment, look no further as CkFightLife has you covered… entirely.

This set is made from High Quality leather and each piece is comparable to anything you would get at Everlast or Venom. You will need to buy each set separately. Head gear separate from gloves, gloves separate shin guards etc. Depending on what you want, prices will vary from $35.95 on the low end and $69.95 on the highest end with kids versions of each also available.

The entire collection shares this amazing gold & silver tribal design and consist of:
-Pro Boxing Gloves
-MMA Gloves

-Focus Mits
-Thai Pads
-Head Gear
-In Step Shin Guards
Gauntlet Training Gloves

The boxing gloves are fitted with a brilliant combo of foam padding and gel to absorb impact. Anyone looking at quality will also notice the double stitching done to hold these gloves together. Wrapping them up is easy, with their Velcro straps and elastic bands keeping them tight and snug with a proper amount of wrist support.


The Head Gear offers full 360 degree protection, with a “T” shaped view and protected ear holes, the top is fitted with a set of support straps running across the head and a chin strap keeping it from getting moved around during sparing. The padding consists of a high density lining.


For your shins CkFightlife has provided a multi-layer memory foam padding, with extra support for the ankle and shin. Two Velcro straps hold your shin in place, while an elastic band keep the foot pad connected to your foot.

You can get yours at CkFightlife with sales going on all year at various times!