What should I buy when starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

A question that I often get asked … What do I need or should I get when starting BJJ? And while “need” is a relative term, I wanted to outline some essentials and cool tools you may want to consider investing in.


Buy A Gi!

You’re absolutely going to want good quality Gi’s for your training, that’s why I always go for breakpointfc or Ckfightlife first! However, I’ve been know to grab a few other cool looking gi’s, just make sure your checking the quality, as not all are made the same! I’d also recommend grabbing a light weight and heavy, summers can get extremely hot in an average or heavier gi. If you plan on competing you should also check with differing association rules, as well as your gym/dojo rules. Some places only allow certain colors & patterns for various reasons.

Stay Rash Free with a Rashguard

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a rashguard, the primary reason is so you have an excuse to dress up as your favorite anime character or ninja turtle. The most important reason though is that your probably going to want to protect yourself from getting rashes while rolling, either from the mats or the friction from the gi. I remember training without one and always coming home with burn marks, the most uncomfortable thing ever.

Protect Your Mcnuggets

Real important one here, get protection for your valuables. For my mouth I’ve been using the shock doctor Gel Max mouth guard . I’ve been elbowed in the face and eaten punches and felt nothing. For the land down under I only use Diamond cup, which for me has been a recent discovery but a much welcomed one, I cant think of a better protection for your groin. The cup has been tested with the oddest of impact tests, including kettle bells, hammers, and tasers (don’t try at home).


Minor Accessories

So these are really just suggestions, but I think they still have some merit and value.

1. Flip Flops – Keep your feet clean in the restroom & locker rooms, no one wants to catch something from lingering bacteria so play it safe.

2. Water Bottle – Because the last thing anyone wants is to get dehydrated while rolling, I recommend anything between a liter and a gallon.

3. Mastering Jiu Jitsu by Renzo Gracie & John Danaher – This book is a great guide for anyone just starting and looking to learn the terms, techniques, strategies, rules, and much more!

4. Grip Tape – Another small tool that can help boost your grip ever so slightly, there are different approaches to its use and different rules based on association but I like to keep some with me just in case.

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