Exploring Glenville’s Scenic Trailhead: A Delightful Adventure Close to Home

While out and about on a few grubhub deliveries, I passed by a trailhead and had decided to stop and check it out. Taking note of the map signage I realized I probably wasn’t going to be able to hike the entire thing. However, I wanted to see what was inside!


The trail was clearly very well maintained, as there were freshly built stairs, a viewing area, and a water flow control apparatus. All in great or brand new condition, perfect for the aging community.


I found the trail had an unreasonable amount of inclines and slopes as well with many intersecting trails. It’s easy to get a little lost. Nothing too much to worry about, as the trail is surrounded by the populated town of Glenville.

Overall, it’s a nice place to visit, nothing worth going out of your way for but if you live in town make sure you visit!

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