Rolling Stonerz Part II: The Return!

Highlights from the event!

That’s right, Rolling Stonerz tournament came back for a second event, and what an event it was!


This time around our boys got it right, with the event starting on time fixing one of the major problems of the last event this time there were no delays. Manny, the ref from last time, went over the rules with all the competitors, making things as clear as possible and answering all the Stonerz questions.

Instead of trying for the double simultaneous matches the promotion decided to go for the single mat, with a knockout tournament bracket which worked out much better this time around.


More vendors have also signed up with 4 instead of the 1 from last time, which is just one more thing to get excited about.

The next event will be held in October and I am excited as I will be a featured superfight for the first time ever!

Make sure you swing on over to their website and get your tickets now before you miss out!

John Murray Vs Nate Franklin (VR video Click and drag the screen!)
John Murray Vs Ivan (VR video Click and drag the screen!)

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