NBA Champion Takes on UFC Kingpin in BJJ Grappling Challenge, What Happens Next Is Priceless

In a sporting crossover that had fans buzzing, Jamal Murray, the star point guard of the 2023 NBA champion Denver Nuggets, recently delved into the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and MMA with none other than the UFC’s pound-for-pound king, Alexander Volkanovski. While it’s quite clear that their skills are worlds apart, Murray managed to pull off an impressive feat during their friendly grappling session.


Before they embarked on their BJJ adventure, a challenge was laid out: could Alexander Volkanovski, a UFC champion, submit the much larger NBA star in under a minute? The clock started ticking, and to everyone’s surprise, Murray held his own. His defense and movements showcased a raw but admirable talent. As the buzzer approached, it seemed like Volkanovski had secured a victory with a guillotine choke, but upon further inspection, the tap occurred just after the one-minute mark, granting Murray a technical win.

The reaction from Volkanovski was priceless as he exclaimed, “He made the minute?!” with a hearty laugh. However, this fleeting victory was the high point of Murray’s grappling encounter.

Once they resumed their friendly roll, Volkanovski demonstrated his grappling prowess by tapping out the NBA champ with a guillotine and a standing rear-naked choke. To add a touch of humor, Volkanovski even gave Murray opportunities to begin from dominant positions, but the escape was too easy. Murray could only chuckle and admit, “I’m not moving properly; I’m just trying to survive. I’ll be better tomorrow.” Volkanovski graciously replied, “You’re much better at this sport than I am at basketball.”


As an interesting twist to their meet-up, the two athletes decided to switch roles briefly and engaged in a game of basketball. Here, Volkanovski got a taste of a different challenge. This time, it was Murray who had the upper hand, showing off his basketball skills as he helped Volkanovski finally score a basket.

Champ vs Champ!

Murray’s natural ability in BJJ is not entirely surprising, considering the groundwork laid during his offseason training with the Denver Nuggets. The NBA champions incorporated BJJ and boxing into their training regimen, and it’s evident that Murray’s hard work has paid off.

This encounter between a world-class NBA athlete and a dominant UFC champion showcased the spirit of friendly competition and cross-training. It was an entertaining reminder of the versatility and talent of athletes across different sports. As Jamal Murray continues to refine his grappling skills, who knows what exciting challenges and accomplishments lie ahead for this dynamic NBA champion.

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