5 habits in the morning and night to improve your daily training!

Talking about these things is easy, but as many already know implementing them is a real challenge. As you go forward if you choose to add these simple steps, remember that slow and steady wins the race. Development only occurs when we apply consistency and awareness to our daily habits!


Morning Tips!

  • Wake up strong! I always start my morning at 4-5 am, as many of you may already know from my Instagram story. Doing this allows me to build in a decent run to my day, and start off feeling accomplished! By 6 am I can say I have successfully and happily started my day, feeling wide awake and focused for work. 

    You can start your mornings similar, try weight lifting, yoga, or martial arts drills/kata if running is too stressful for you! Your body will thank you later.
  • Packing a lunch box in the morning! Quick throw back to school for a minute, but bringing a lunch box can be highly beneficial. Trying to eat right can be hard enough, without having to find clean food while at work. So eliminate the problem all together, make yourself a full and hearty meal. Why miss out on all that flavor and nutrients!

Night time tips

  • Pack your gym bag the day/night prior, this habit will save you stress and time in the morning. I keep everything ready, including my gi bags, and my running clothes for the morning. I make sure to place everything in the same spots, and keep everything charged up (phone & headphones 📱 🎧). Not a minute is wasted going over everything for my lunch box, and loading up any supplements as well. 
  • Take some time to stretch! Give yourself some time to effectively cool down and relax your body, doing some static stretches or yoga can help release all if not a lot of tension. David Goggins, one of my athletic inspirations, does at least 2 hours every night. Now that’s a lot to push on anyone, but I certainly recommend giving yourself at least a half an hour before bed. Watch as you melt into the sheets!
  • Turn off the devices! Many of us like to get lost in social media or a good TV show before bed (dragon ball abridged has me hooked). Butttt… the blue light from our TV’s and phones is messing with our circadian rhythms. Every time you look at that light, its sending a signal to the brain to wake up, making it harder to fall back into a deeper sleep. Try dropping the TV, especially before big days. Sleep is important to recovery and that deeper sleep may make a big difference!







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