Leandro LO Memorial Seminar at Unity BJJ Manhattan, NY

During my time planning for my 7th New York City race, GRETE’S GREAT GALLOP, I had found out about this seminar that was going to happen at Unity BJJ in Manhattan the evening after my race, so obviously I had to go!


The seminar was a donation based event with a suggested amount of $120 to go to the Leandro LO institute.

When I got there the room was filled wall to wall with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students who had come from various gyms to honor this legend. The seminar opened with a “prayer” or moment of silence, to remember Leandro. As many of the people in the room, and the black belts leading the seminar had trained with him personally throughout the years.


The seminar was broken up into groups of 10 people with 10 different groups. An instructor would be with each group teaching a different aspect of the Dela Heva technique. Each instructor treated every student there with the same degree of respect and time, regardless of affiliation which is always nice because when traveling and visiting new gyms there’s always that anxiety of being welcomed in a new place, especially one where people are training to hurt people.

I’ve seen a few more of these seminars come up, and if you have the opportunity I recommend you check one out. Learning something and giving back to a good cause!