“Unbelievable: Inside the Epic Bronx 10-Mile Race – Thrilling Hills, Record-Breaking Champions, and Stunning Photos Revealed!”

The Bronx 10 mile is the largest 10 mile race in the country, with over 11,000 runners from across the world. The event takes place in the beautiful heritage field directly across from Yankee stadium with sections of the event set up under the concourse subway terminal. While the race start is actually two blocks up the hill from the stadium, having the race a few block away from race central worked out greatly giving people a decent amount of space to move freely.


The race is on a wavy course, and by that I mean you can expect a lot of rolling hills. I found them to be a low-moderate challenge, as long as I controlled my pacing I was fine. I’d recommend practicing on a road way with a lot of light inclines and declines, and that should be enough practice plus your miles.

The competition for this race is intense with top finishers like Harbert Okuti (M) coming in at 50:01 & Weynshet Ansa (F) finishing at 55:05, and the average finishers time being 1:31:53


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