Conquering the Staten Island Half Marathon: A Scenic and Challenging Race Experience

As we bring this year’s 9+1 to a close we do so with the Staten island half marathon, the last race in the 5 borough series a series we plan to hit in the near future. The Staten island half located obviously on Staten Island was one of the hardest and easiest races to get too, but it depends entirely on how you get there. If you plan on driving to the race do keep in mind that most of the roadway outside St. George’s ferry terminal is closed to the public, we approached from the north and we’re about to find a spot to park a few blocks up from the race start. If you plan on taking the ferry it maybe the easiest route depending, the ferry off loads a mere few hundred feet from the race start.


Security is tight at this event, allowing only racers near the corrals for the start & police/security at every block after that. While a nice touch, it became problem some when we realized the restrooms were all through the security check point, and bystanders/watchers weren’t able or allowed to use them. Fortunately the local pd was nice enough to let us in and use their facilities for a moment.


The race lops down the shore of the island and back passing the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge & through fort Wadsworth base, the rave features several beautiful views and challenging hills.

This year in 2022 the race featured over 7,823 runners from around New York city & the world, with the first place finisher Pelle Nogueira finishing in 1:06:41.

If you wanna see more from this race we highly suggest you watch our VR companion video, or check out the vlog episode from our 9+1 series on Youtube!


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