How can I stay in NYC on a budget?

A stay in New York City can be much more affordable and simpler to do than one may think, just expect to drop a few luxuries. Back in 2017 when I was completing my first New York Road Runners 9+1, I had to travel between my home city and Manhattan to race. While doing so I learned a few tricks along the way, so I’ve documented a few helpful tips for you so you can also enjoy competing and traveling in The Big City!

  1. Hostels are a great low price place to stay. I actively used the YMCA mainly switching between the west side and Vanderbuilt Y’s. For anyone who is traveling for sports this will be a preferred location, from a full gym, basketball courts, massage parlors, pools, steam rooms, and saunas! The Y has everything you need to get ready, and recover. During my stays I never paid more than $150 for a night or more than $300 for a weekend, rooms were a bit tight but irrelevant for people who don’t plan to be in them very long.

2. Learn to use a subway…. I feel like this should be self explanatory, but if your going to be in New York, don’t drive in. Using the subway is more efficient and time saving when you consider all the traffic and intersections within New York.Most blocks have a nearby subway and getting around can be easy once you learn the “ABC’s” and “123”s” of the train network! P.S. save your subway cards if you plan to return within the year.

3. Bringing small healthy snacks. Generally I only eat two meals a day, but while traveling for competition I brought quite a variety of healthy snacks with me. Besides a pre-race meal at Lucky’s in hell’s kitchen, or a Subway’s sandwich on the way back home, I always had things to munch on while I was there. I would bring such things like Metx bars and brownies, Lenny and Larry cookies, and always prep portioned my supplements protein and creatine. Can’t cheat if you don’t give yourself the option.

These are three tips I used to make my personal stays on a budget a bit easier, and I   hope they become helpful to all of you as well!

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