Breaking the 2 hour Marathon! History made.

Oct. 12th, 2019 was a historical day as one of the most anticipated runs of all time took place. Eliud Kipchope broke the 2 hour Marathon by 20 seconds! A goal many believed unobtainable, he broke 10 second above their targeted goal. Eliud Kipchope finished with 1:59:40, beating his previous record at Berlin 2:01:39. 


Many people from all over the athletic and running community came out to show their love and support, as this amazing human being shattered human limits. The only sad part to this story is that the time will not be officially recognized as a “world record”, due only to the setting not being an open marathon and professional pacers.

Yet we all have a new found sense of limits after watching this, the #nohumanislimited movement is now in full swing. With that we should all set forth and continue to shatter barriers. As some of us plan human expansion to Mars, others will continue to defy common human ability to extraordinary lengths.


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