What’s Next for Jake Paul? Nate Diaz? An Actual boxer?


After losing to Tommy Fury in an actual sanctioned boxing event with a record on the line, Paul came up short, losing to the brother of well known and champion boxer Tyson Fury.

Paul saw this fight as being the opportunity to be taken seriously in the ring, and while the fight had it’s moments it showed that Paul wasn’t ready for the professionals no matter how much money he threw around.

Now Paul has reverted to calling out the famous Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu styled UFC fighter Nate Diaz, a man 20 years his age with less time focused on striking. Showing that Paul himself knows he isn’t ready for a real boxing match, and lending more ammo to his critics.

It seems somewhat clear at this point the Paul brothers intend to turn combat sports into a joke that they can use to market themselves. While the community itself is divided on how to feel, I think anyone in their right mind can agree Paul needs to respect the game. Understand there are levels to these things, and he needs to climb them rather than trying to jump the line by throwing cash around. The only positive thing to come from his involvement is actual fighters getting paid to be on these ridiculous cards.

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